Yuyao Feida Heat Insulation & Sealing Products Plant is located at Dongbei Street, Yuyao, Zhejiang, and is only 50km away from Port of Ningbo and about 200km from Port of Shanghai. We have ten looms, thirty braiding machines and five spinning machine to yield about 50-100t products per month, and can finish research and develop with samples supplied by customers. We specialize in production of various refractory fiberglass ropes, fiberglass ropes, elastic fiberglass ropes, furnace door sealing ropes, fireproof ropes, refractory ropes, refractory fiber ropes, fiber ropes, fiberglass packing, fiberglass slack ropes, fiberglass knitted ropes, fiberglass round ropes, fiberglass lampwicks, fiberglass wick ropes, fiberglass silicone tubes, silicon tubes, fiberglass silicon casings, insulating silicon tubes, extra-thick clipper tubes, fire blankets, fire quilts, asbestos ropes, asbestos belts, asbestos cloth, fiberglass belts, fiberglass knitted belts, fiberglass cloth, ceramic fiber ropes, ceramic fiber belts, ceramic fiber cloth, asbestos gloves, fireproof gloves, asbestos cloth, asbestos square ropes, asbestos round ropes, asbestos PTFE packing, asbestos rubber packing, black PTFE packing, aramid fiber packing, asbestos high-temperature steel wire laminated graphite board, ceramic cloth, ceramic tape, ceramic felt, ceramic paper, ceramic square rope, ceramic round rope, fiberglass tape, fiberglass cloth, fiberglass square rope, fiberglass round rope, asbestos work clothes, asbestos quilt, asbestos gloves, asbestos shoes, etc.
Our products are mainly used in the industries of aerospace, aviation, shipbuilding, petrochemical works, food products factory, medicine and medical equipment plants, and enjoy good heat preservation, heat insulation, sealing, insulation and fireproofness. Welcome to contact us!
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